Miley Cyrus Tour in Tacoma Dome, Washington 2009

Miley Cyrus Tour, Tacoma WashingtonSo Miley Cyrus and 55 tour trucks and buses stopped off in Tacoma, Washington last night as she brought her Wonder World Tour to the Tacoma Rock City.

The lights in the  Tacoma Dome dim, 15,500 screaming fans gave a deafening cheer, and their idol, Miley Cyrus appears on stage. The teen pop sensation belted out a cracking version of ‘Breakout‘, as she physically broke out of what looked like a giant ice cave.

One family flew over 2,000 miles across the globe to ensure they got to see the Hannah Montana babe perform hits like ‘Party in the USA‘, ‘7 Things‘, as well as fly around on a motorcycle while singing ‘I Love Rock n Roll‘.

One particular parent said: “We had four different outfits picked out from five bags of clothes and we separated them out and decided this looked cutest. Her daughter and friends were wearing matching pink T-Shirts, black tutus and neon pink fishnet gloves.”

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Miley Cyrus Tour Pictures from Tacoma Dome

Miley Cyrus – The Climb in Tacoma, Washington

Miley Cyrus – I Love Rock n Roll in Tacoma, Washington

Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA in Tacoma, Washington

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  1. Andrew MacDonald

    Miley looks totally gorgeous in these pictures.

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