Miley Cyrus Twitpic’s Weird Photo Donning A Unicorn Mask

Miley Cyrus again posted a weird photo on Twitpic on Wednesday, July 18.
Apparently this time, it’s not skateboarding with her hot Aussie fiancé Liam Hemsworth, or shopping at an
American Apparel store or attending those Pilates sessions.

Miley was seen donning a bizarre Unicorn mask on her head while tugging her ponytail.

Nothing can be said about what prompted Miley to post this silly photo, but we can relate this to a tweet of her brother Trace Cyrus’s tweet which says, “Thank god for being an outcast’’, which Miley retweeted this obviously.

If this is Miley’s way of keeping us on our toe with photos like this, then we can say she is pretty successful here. It doesn’t matter whether they are sexy, silly or just simply adorable.
But this time, we aren’t sure what to say about this one.

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