Miley Cyrus Unveils How Liam Hemsworth Proposed To Her

Ever since Miley Cyrus got engaged with Liam Hemsworth, she has been flaunting that big diamond engagement ring on her finger since June and now finally we know how the whole proposal thing went down.

Speaking to “The Tonight Show”, the former Hannah Montana star shared about her proposal story with Jay Leno on an interview on Friday.

Cyrus said the incident happened during her famous, “Backyard Sessions”, where she records and performs songs, well on her backyard of her house. She was performing the song, “Lilac Wine” and shortly after that she had a ring on her and Liam popped the question.

Cyrus told Jay Leno, “About 20 minutes after that song, it’s one of Liam’s favorite songs, he asked me to marry him.”
“I had no idea! He was sitting there and I’m like, ‘He’s looking at me funny!’ And then I knew”, she added.

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