Miley Cyrus Videotaped Partying At A Bar on Halloween

Miley Cyrus Performs I Love Rock n Roll on Halloween Night at BarWell, well, well, look how Miley Cyrus spent her Halloween night. The 16-year-old pop star was spotted at the Phoenix Hill Tavern Bar in Louisville on Halloween night, where she gave an impromptu performance of a hit she performs on her Wonder World Tour, a cover of Joan Jett’s I Love Rock n Roll.

Miley headed to the Halloween party dressed as Pocahontas after her Miley Cyrus Concert in Freedom Hall, Kentucky. Miley lets her hair go wild as the video shows her jumping on stage, singing and dancing around with a huge crowd of rowdy bar patrons.

The performance came as bit of a surprise to the band which were actually booked for the venue that evening, Jefferson Tarc Bus, but they went with the flow, and essentially became a backing band after Miley hopped on stage when they started the song.

Check out the performance and tell us what you think of Miley’s costume. And do you think she is too young to be partying in a bar? Leave us a comment below…

Miley Cyrus – I Love Rock n Roll at the Phoenix Hill Tavern Bar

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