Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Celebrity Influence 2009

Miley Cyrus Worst Celebrity Influence 2009Miley Cyrus is massive. She’s been one of the biggest artists since 2006, selling more than 7 million albums, starting her own fashion line, selling-out a world wide tour, and taking $154 million at the worldwide box-office for Hannah Montana The Movie, so no matter how you look at her, she is simply huge.

But today the Disney princess has been knocked off her perch, as she’s been voted the worst celebrity influence of 2009, by the very people who made her a star in the first place, 9-15 year olds.

In the poll by, 42% of the people asked voted Miley Cyrus the ‘Worst Celebrity Influence of The Year’. Other celebs in the poll included Britney Spears and Kanye West, who took second and third places respectively.

No reasons were given for the poor result for Miley Cyrus, but it does come after a year in which Miley has been controversial in some of her decisions. They include:

Miley Cyrus did well in another poll though, making her the ‘Fourth Favourite Female Artist’, behind Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Beyonce. The poll attracted almost 50,000 votes.

A spokesman for said: “I think Miley is in an interesting space where she is trying to graduate from being Hannah Montana and a Disney Channel celebrity and coming into her own and having a career beyond Disney, I think her fans still want her to be the sweet Hannah Montana and she is trying to age up… Parents are definitely resisting it.

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26 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Celebrity Influence 2009”

  1. Lauren C

    Haha!! About time those kids realized she is terrible!!

  2. .:selenamia:.

    lol 😀

  3. Gabriella Alexandra

    This is absolutely pathetic! She is the best role model I could ask for. Sensible, successful, not like any other celebrities these days. She actually cares about her fans, alot. And did you see what she did with that little girl cancer patient?! That was amazing! I love Miley Cyrus sooooo much. I may be her biggest british fan EVER 🙂 Miley you're amazing, don't listen to that stupid poll. <3

  4. beth

    i still love you miley
    i so cant wait to see you in December

  5. leisha

    okaii this is a load of rubbish! As soon as i saw the headline my mouth dropped, she is the BEST rolemodel and is mine. for britney spears to be below miley is stupid! im not dissing britney but shes done drugs and evreything and miley hasnt done nothing stupid shes kind, succesfull and works hard at what she does and unlike other celebs she doesnt care about the money she does it because she enjoys singing and acting…

  6. leisha

    and the whole miley cyrus pole dance situation is a load of crap i saw that performance and i thought it was good she was basically using the pole to lean and hold on to And come on people you can expect her to stay hannah montana forever shes been doing it for 3 years now and there planning on doing a season 4 maybe a 5 so she isnt going anywhere just yet BUT she has to grow up and do older parts and experience new things not just stay doing the same thing shes 16 going on 17 shes not the same 11 year old child anymore shes a 16 year old young adult. and what are parents resinting the fact that shes grown up now and wants to do her own thing and i would like to see more of "miley cyrus" not miley behind hannah montana and im actually looking forward to seeing her in the last song and sex and the city 2 i want to see her doing older parts i think she would make a great actress! u rock miley i cant wait for your concert on 13th december keep doing what you do best!

  7. Nadia

    HELL NO!
    omg, k no never
    this is insulting to me, to hear that my idol got voted that!
    NO, I just will not accept this, if anything Miley SHOULD BE THE BEST CELEBRITY INFLUENCE!
    wtf is this? whoever voted for this crap, is a jealous!
    Miley does so much to help children sick in the hospital and so much for our community
    she's so talented and so sweet
    she does not deserve this,

    K so like, get a life and stop shit talking her cause you guys are SO wrong,
    she's the most sucessful person ever
    + she inspires me <3 LOVE YOU ./

  8. holly smith


  9. georgia

    i so agree with you she didnt deserve this she influnce people and is like the best idol ever

  10. noah cyrus

    you guys don't know miley cyrus very well

  11. Brittany Potter

    OMG! i cant believe someone would vote that!! she is awesome. im going to her concert on 11 8 09 and i cant wait! britney gets drunk and dous drugs. she is the worst NOT Miley! I cant believe that. and i like Miley songs better than hannah anyway.

  12. Brittany Potter


  13. Eliana

    How did she get voted worst? Shes so awesome! I love Miley Cyrus!

  14. Eliana

    OMGOMGOMG! Im going to her concert november22. the day be4 her b-day!im so freegin exited! miley is sooooo did she get voted this? i disagree with this crap. miley rocks. what about lindsay lohan, brittney spears, kanya west with taylor swift? i mean really!!!! miley hope cyrus totally rocks. shes a good role model. no drugs, no alcohal,shes sooooo awesometasticle!

  15. Eliana


  16. Eliana

    im one of her biggest fans ever!!!!


    miley your the best dont let anyone tair you apart kepp on rockn cause your a great and beatiful girl HAPPY BIRTHDSY ENJOY LIFE miley YOUR BIGGEST FAN, FELICITY BURKHEAD OF LOUSVILLE,KY LOVED YOUR CONSERT AT FREEDOM HALL IT WAS OFF THE HOOK MILEY BYE SEE YAH AGIAN SOME TIME IN YOUR HOME STATE!!!=]

  18. anna

    miley cyrus is the best role model i could ever ask for she seems friendly kind and sweet she werent pole dancing for god sake it was part of her routine. she has a great fashion sense she is a great singer i have all her cds and she is a great actress she has really taught me to just go for things in life like what she did for hannah montana because she never backed down(if you have read her book you will know what im on about). in life you make mistakes and then you learn from them . you have to make mistakes every now and then. you are all a bunch of retards if you dint realise that . miley i still love x you will always be my role model xxx

  19. anna

    you are so right x she aint done anyfin wrong x

  20. luvs ya

    britney spears is a role model for teens. she can be a slut and do that stuff , but miley is a role model for children she cant be half naked and dance around in short shorts.
    Thats just telling children that its ok to be a hookker.

  21. luvs ya

    miley is a kid and she needs to stop trying to be older. she just needs to get of disney and we wouldnt have these problems

  22. megan

    all of yall are so STUPID every body has a freakin body PLUS she ant showing anything it be diffrent if she wasnt covering anything up but SHE IS so just back the freak off

  23. luvsmiley4eva

    Shes the best rolemodel ever those ppl whos sed she sucks suck! shes awesome and she rokz my world!:):D:P:O luv ya miley

  24. mileyrokx

    she didnt pole dance that was from her stupid routine! shes the best and shes way better than Taylor swift! miley u rock! ur the only one that can sing! infact is was first u that started singing but then all other ppl copied her so yeh all other popstars except miley cyrus are fake sluts!

  25. luvsmiley4eva

    Miley cares about everyone and if she wasn't famous none will even giv a damn about her but she is! soo bac off sad losers let her live her life! ur just jealous

  26. Krazy kate

    wow thats jank shes awesome

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