Miley Cyrus Wants A Boob Job!!

Like many other celebrities and reality TV stars, our little Hannah Montana star and Disney Princes Miley Cyrus planning to have a Boob jobs done according to the New York Daily news. Sounds Interesting right? According to the source Miley Cyrus were planning to have the boob job at the age of 17 but cannot do so because of the legal reason and needing written permission from her parents.

Billy ray and Tish are both supporting her for this adventure but as we all know that she is no longer in control of anybody. Fantastic!! Her transformation is about to take its complete shape from a little Hannah Montana kid singer to Britney spears pop culture. Miley Cyrus is just 17 years old and although Miley Cyrus boobs growing naturally but she can’t wait this little extra mile to become mature and losing her respect to the media world.

Sorry If I say losing her respect…. Because getting a boob job won’t make Miley Cyrus less popular in the world of showbiz but will make her more attractive and visible to the media world.

It’s so sad that Miley Cyrus want’s a breast enlargement. Miley Cyrus’s breasts are completely fine and perfect.

So why Miley Cyrus does needs a Boob Job?? Please leave your comment about it? Also please let us know if you think this is right or wrong?


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8 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus Wants A Boob Job!!”

  1. MileysNo.1FAN!

    Woah! I think she looks great! Gosh she dosnt need a boob job!

  2. abegail aumentado

    She’s perfectly pretty good… awesome… love her voice… Miley is the Best!!

  3. Sarah

    Lies she does not want a boob job, And learn how to type before posting a blog.

  4. marcin

    Read news papers than.. rather than a blog. 20 people like this so learn to appriciate..

  5. Bilgee


  6. Froever

    lol she doesnt want a boob job has never once said that some putting artifical words in her mouth just like you oput artifictal facts in your head.

  7. okoko

    She need bigger boobs;) Olala

  8. source.. New York Daily News…

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