Miley Cyrus Wants To Have A Bunch Of Kids With Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus says she wants to have kids with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, not one but a bunch of them. But she is not in a rush, all she said was she wanted a lot of them. The former Disney Star Miley grew up with a lot of brothers and sisters, so it’s kind of normal to have a bunch of kids when she becomes a mom. Though this might take a while as Miley would like to have some fun with her awesome physique and be known in Hollywood as a Hot Wife, as sources reported

Insiders revealed that Miley is at the moment babysitting India Rose, the newborn daughter of Chris Hemsworth who Liam’s brother. She is trying to understand how to make sacrifices for the sake of being a mother by babysitting India Rose, whenever she can, sources said.

However, this hasn’t made her to desire kids of her own but its true this made her happy. The baby can come later, of course unless they have an accident, the insider finished quickly.

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