Miley Cyrus Watches A 82-Year-Old Stripper In LA Club

Moments before Miley Cyrus punches a man allegedly in the Beacher’s Madhouse in LA, she was spotted in the front row watching a stripper, an octogenarian dancing on stage.

According to, at 82 years old, the woman is thought to be the world’s oldest female stripper. In the video posted on its website, the octogenarian stripper was seen prancing gently, in a bra, granny undies and stockings to the tunes of Nelly’s “It’s hot in here”.

At some point the elderly dancer takes hands from the girls standing next to Miley Cyrus, 19, and later accepting tips and shoving it in her bra. All of this, while the MC grooving the crowd.

Meanwhile the alleged victim who got punched by Cyrus is pressing charges against her. However, the police are investigating the matter. Miley Cyrus’s representatives thrashed the filing saying it completely false and erroneous.

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