Miley Cyrus Will Keep Her Twitter Account

Miley Cyrus, 19, has come under fire for the last few weeks over her “sad tweets” on Twitter, with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, 22, asking her to close her Twitter account as it can hurt their relationship.

But a friend of Cyrus has told, that though Miley has posted some depressing tweets on Twitter, Liam can’t tell her to close her Twitter account for that. Their relationship is so solid that they don’t tell each other what they can do and they can’t do.

The friend who is connected with the “Hannah Montana” singer/actress adds that Miley still has her Twitter alive and is not closing it down. If she did it, it’s because she wanted to.

In addition, the source tells that Miley and Liam are doing great and their relationship is perfectly moving forward. The wedding is on and but it isn’t like they wanted to get married very soon. They are both busy with their work and nothing is wrong in their relationship. It’s sad to know that people can say stupid things, who don’t know anything about them.

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