Miley Cyrus Will Perform at MTV EMAs in Madrid

It is now officially confirm the current teen sensation and former Disney princes Miley Cyrus is set to perform for MTV EMAs at Madrid on November 7th. MTV2 will broadcast the show on the same day at 9pm. So don’t miss it if you are really a Miley Cyrus fan.

It is anticipated that Miley Cyrus will perform her latest singles like “Who Owns My Heart” or any other tracks from her latest album “Can’t be tamed”.

Which song do you think she will perform?? If you are really Miley fans then guess!!

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One Thought to “Miley Cyrus Will Perform at MTV EMAs in Madrid”

  1. Chelsie kent

    Hi, i’m Chelsie Kent. I’m a Massive fan of Miley, I cry about her all the time ( they’re tears of joy though). I have never met her / seen her though so I would love to. Can you message me the details when she i performing next please. xxxxx

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