Miley Cyrus?

Question by Volleyballgirl: Miley Cyrus?

read it… if you want.
What’s the new Hannah Montana movie?
and what do you think of the photoshoot?
btw i am a huge fan of her, so if you guys are gona be like “i hate when people like you talk trash about her” because i am not i just want to know what all you guys think.

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Answer by ali
i could have cared less about those vanity fair pics. i think the internet ones are the pics that label her as a bad role model.

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3 Thoughts to “Miley Cyrus?”

  1. FUnnY

    she’s alright

  2. izzy

    how very pathetic of me. I have read that already.

  3. tropicalgirl189

    I like her. I think that she is a really good singer. For the photoshoot. I dont think that she didnt do anything wrong, they were just a form of art. I dont know much about the hannah montana movie, but I do know that it is going to focus more on her life ( as Miley Stewart, not Miley Cyrus) than hannah Montana. and it is taking place in Nashville. I hope all of this helps. =)

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