Miley Parents Finally Convinced

Miley Cyrus, the “Hanna Montana” star invited her 20-year old boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to stay in her own multi-million dollar home in Los Angeles. It was last year that the young stars worked together in the film “The Lost Song” and since then they have no reason to be divided.

Miley admitted that it was not easy for her to convince her parents on her stay with Liam and it seemed that it was no way near that she was going to get her dream comes true. The young star said that her mother Tish would be heart- broken if her daughter left before her 18th birthday and her father won’t be happy either.

She finally induced her parents and got the permission to setup her own home provided not being very far away.  Reports reported that she fell in love with the property at once. Miley has been overwhelmingly happy since her parents corresponded on her stay with the Australian Star Liam.

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