Miley’s New Obsession

Miley Cyrus has been shown a new product that has quickly become one of her favorites. Tish Cyrus, Miley’s mother, introduced her daughter to Natural Bliss The Cure Sheer Cream. What is so great about this product? Well not only is is SPF 20 , but it is a tinted moisturizer. The cream claims to brighten the skin, as well as improve the elasticity of it as well. The cream is rather expensive as well. A 1.7 fluid ounce jar will cost about $170. Miley may be wanting to improve her skin for her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. It was reported that the two were engaged, but Miley has been quick to deny those rumors. She has also been seen sporting a ring that appears to be an engagement ring. But she has worn this ring before back in February on a different finger, so it is speculated that it may not be an engagement ring after all. She has tweeted photos of the ring but claims that she wants to show off the nail polish she is currently in love with. They say she is tweeting the photos to send some hints to Liam. The pair have dated for 3 years now.

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