Miley’s Pilates Trainer Defends The Star’s Svelte Look

As Miley Cyrus is flaunting her new found hot svelte body is short shorts, midriff tops and sexy ‘Little Black Dresses’, her critics seems to become worried about her diminishing waistline.

But Mari Winsor, Miley’s Pilates coach says there is nothing for anybody to get concerned. Mari has been instructing the recently engaged Miley Cyrus, 19 on Pilates for the last four months.
Mari says that people need to chill out. Miley feels healthy and good. She smart and just wants to tone up her body. That’s it.

To maintain her new toned up figure Miley is on a gluten-free diet, attends Mari’s one hour daily circuit Pilates sessions in Studio City, CA which includes mat workouts, stretches and working on the reformer.
Mari added, as suggested Miley is currently focused on her posture. Mari wanted her to down her shoulders, relax her upper body. This has made her posture better.

Mari says, Miley is very much focused and works very hard. This girl is on fire when she comes here. She likes her abs. She is young and has a beautiful body.

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