Police: Mom Leaves Daughter Alone at Miley Cyrus Concert

Miley Cyrus Lone Child at Qwest CenterA mother from Lincoln was cited for child neglect on Tuesday evening after leaving her nine-year-old daughter along at the Miley Cyrus Wonder World Concert at the Qwest Center, Tuesday 13th October 2009.

According to Police officers in Omaha, Lesslie J. Martinez, 28, dropped her daughter off at the rescheduled Miley Cyrus Concert, and left the area. Two off-duty police officers saw the girl wondering around the venue unattended.

The girl was brought to the security department at the Qwest Center, where on-duty Police were brought in to track down the child’s mother, who had allegedly gone to a casino on the other side of town.

The young girl was left upset that she’d miss the Miley Cyrus Concert by being at the security department, so kind officials agreed to allow the girl back into the venue, along with a member of staff who watched over her for the rest of the show.

The girls mother showed up at the venue 50 minutes late after being contacted by Police officers, offering excuses that traffic was delayed due to congestion and road works.

The mother was given a stern talking too by officers, who let her take her daughter home without any charges being brought against her.

Is this something you would do if you’re child wanted to see Miley Cyrus in Concert?

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