MUST SEE: Miley Cyrus Singing BADLY on The Today Show (Humour)

Although Miley Cyrus originally rose to fame from her acting on Hannah Montana, she has been concentrating more on her recording career over the last 18 months, and that became even more apparent when it was announced that Hannah Montana will be scrapped later this year after the series 4 goes out.

And 17-year-old Miley Cyrus has had a very successful recording career, but checkout this performance of Miley Cyrus on The Today Show singing Party In The USA last year. Somebody has dubbed over Miley’s original performance with something slightly more off-key version. Some serious lulz goes to whomever edited this video, because Miley Cyrus is singing SOOOOO Badly its almost funny.

Miley Cyrus on The Today Show in 2009

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7 Thoughts to “MUST SEE: Miley Cyrus Singing BADLY on The Today Show (Humour)”

  1. nad

    fuck you,
    this is so fake
    and this isn't even funny, put real stuff on this site, thats what accept.

    I LOVE MILEY, so leave her alone

  2. nad

    that's what I expect *
    sorry, I was so disturbed by your immaturity, I couldn't even concentrate.

  3. jordan

    I love miley so much<3

  4. Randy

    Yes, very fake and way over-the-top. But still kinda funny! Think of it as audio "special effects".

  5. jji

    and u say this is a fan site

  6. Alex Hill

    This particular video has been published by ALL the major online blogs, and even tabloid newspaper websites, and is quite clearly a comedy spoof so of course its fake.

    But we should learn how to appriciate good things and also bad things

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