Pics: Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves Have a Dream Halloween

Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves at Dream Halloween 2009A very cute looking Noah Cyrus and best friend Emily Grace Reaves hit the red carpet last night as they attended the 16th Annual Dream Halloween held at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica.

The two youngsters, who together have ‘The Noie & Ems Show‘, were wearing scary vampire costumes, with Noah Cyrus sporting knee-high black boots (with 4″ heels), red lip-gloss, and a short black mini-dress with a drop-back tail featuring spider webs etc.

Emily Grace Reaves looked very cute with blonde curled hair, a black and white dress, black tights, black lip-gloss and black & white converse shoes.

Other celebrities at the event include Jamie Lee Curtis, Bailee Madison, Dylan and Cole Sprouse and Daryl Hannah. Proceeds from the charitable party were donated to the Children Affected by Aids Foundation.

Noah Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves at Dream Halloween Party

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5 Thoughts to “Pics: Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves Have a Dream Halloween”

  1. leisha

    well i dont see whats wrong with noahs outfit her and emily both look pretty, there kids out having fun on halloween whats wrong with that BUT if another 9 year old girl was out dressed like that no one would care or say anything it only because its "noah cyrus" give her a break shes only 9 i dont know why peopke are calling her slutty cos she really dont look slutty

  2. leisha

    i meant people not peopke

  3. Noah lindsey cyrus

    Thanks for comenting that about me and make sure to watch the Noie and Ems show exspecialy the one where me and ems jumped into the ocean and went jet ski ing.

  4. rebekah

    noah i love you to you are funny sweet pretty and kind like miley you both rock and noah one day you are gonna totally rock out like miley i love you both. xxxx

  5. haileyyyyy

    that a cute halloween costume, sure its a littlw short, but its a 9 year old, get over it. they both look cute!

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