Paris Jackson Says She Loves Miley Cyrus New Haircut

It’s no surprise Miley Cyrus new ultra short blonde haircut created quite a frenzy with many stars following suit calling their hairstylists for the same look.
Apparently the late Michael Jackson daughter, Paris Jackson, 14, was one of them.

On Friday, Jackson posted on Instagram her new look and asked “how about this one?” followed by “everyone hated the first one”.

We first though the teen would feel sorry for cutting off her long locks later, but it turned out that Jackson was actually wearing a wig. Paris Jackson’s producer, confirmed that Jackson, who will star in her forthcoming movie, “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys” was just playing dress up all along.

However, we think that the shorter hair suits her and makes her big blue eyes appear even bigger. And we won’t be surprise if we see Jackson took the plunge and got the Miley look any day, since she seems to be very supportive of Cyrus’s ever controversial look on Twitter.

Soon after Miley Cyrus posted her new look on Twitter, Jackson responded saying she doesn’t know why people don’t like it, I love it.


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