Pics: See Miley Cyrus Rehearsing for Wonder World Tour

Miley Cyrus Tour RehearsalsIs Miley Cyrus Rehearsing? Unless you have been in solitary confinement for the last 3 weeks, you would have heard that Miley Cyrus is well into her 2009 Wonder World Tour now.

She is touring across 45 dates in America, and will then travel across the pond for the Miley Cyrus UK Tour, which will see the sexy 16-year-old play at 8 of the UK’s best arena’s.

But putting on a great show for tens of thousands of fans every night of the week is no easy task.

There are teams of dancers, choreographers, technicians, lighting and sound checks, and all of this has to be done before each and every concert. And they all include Miley Cyrus herself.

So for your viewing pleasure, do checkout the photos below of Miley Cyrus rehearsing with her dancers and technicians before a recent Miley Cyrus Concert.

Miley Cyrus Rehearsing for Wonder World Tour

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