Q&A: Miley Cyrus Photo Scandals’ Effect Relationship With Nick Jonas?

Question by I Love Selena Gomez & The Jonas!: Miley Cyrus Photo Scandals’ Effect Relationship With Nick Jonas?
Since Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas were dating, is the cause of their breakup her Photo Scandals? Is Miley trying to get Nick Jonas back with her by taking provogitave pictures? I was never really sure what the cause of the breakup was. How do you think Nick Jonas feels since Miley is taking these pictures? Mad? Just laughing at the situation? Not even caring?

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Answer by Justin C
well these photos were never supposed to be released to the public people did it behind her back or hacked her computer. teen girls take picture like that every teen girl does, its only a big deal cuz she is a celebrity, she is allowed to be a teenager to and should not be expected to act perfect, anyone who thinks other wise shoud just shove it

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9 Thoughts to “Q&A: Miley Cyrus Photo Scandals’ Effect Relationship With Nick Jonas?”

  1. fdbs

    I never even knew they dated.
    Sorry I cant help,but try reading a
    magazine or something with them in it.

  2. AlexRainbow.

    i think he still has some feelings for her because he mentions her every now and then. but i tihnk nick dosent like the “slutty” girl type, like miley herself, so i think he just let it go. i really feel sorry for him though. he seems like a really sweet guy, and miley definetly dosent deserve him.

    but thats just my opinion.

  3. proud_shopaholic

    no, but there are new pics that she sent nick and Selena and demi supposingly hacked her iphone and put em out! nick said they made him “sick”

  4. CalmChaos[Pro-Jonas]

    well rumor is that some of the newr ones where sent to him. so mayb hes already seen all of them. but if i was Nick i would have dropped miley the sec she started send me pics of herself. thats just nasty and low to do that.

  5. SelGomez

    Well, Miley is my friend. She is just trying to cover herself from the past and let it go by singing her songs. Nick will bring back memories especially when Mileys CD is out!
    Miley is just a teen about the pictures and i haven’t had contact with her in a long time.

  6. Taylor W

    didnt the pics come after they broke up.?

  7. meeh14

    i think they broke up because miley kept on e-mailing those photos of her to nick and nick felt that miley was changing so he decided to break up with her.

  8. nhi

    i think they just agreed they were better off as friends

  9. BuRnIn' Up 4 NiCk JoNaS

    i think he still likes her and although he wears a purity ring and he claims to be so innocent hes still a guy so he still probably looks at the pictures VERY often so i bet miley took the pictures for him so that he knows what he could of had- or what he can have if he tries to get her back

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