Q&A: Who else is so tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus scandals?

Question by i_eat_cupcakes_in_the_rain: Who else is so tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus scandals?
She has done more scandals is so little years!
Those racy photos of herself
The lap dance photos with her director
The Vanity Fair photo with her dad
The lesbian photos
The Asian photo
Slamming Radiohead and Twilight fans
Dating much older men
Pole Dancing at the Teen Choice Awards
And most recently smoking from a bong!

Here is a list of some of her scandals:

Best answer:

Answer by Rox ? Justin Biebz
she’s juss an attention seekerr. i’d laugh my head off if she died , miley is nothing but a fame hog and she takes advantage ov it. she looks like a beaver LMFAO especially when she was younger , and her hair looks like sh*t noww , she looked way better brunettee tbh ! and she used the termm gay as an insult whenn someone prankedd her , and she was about 14-15 then ? erghh , stupid sl*t. i hopee she gets hit by a truck one day and im gonna dance on her stupid sh@tty assss grave. she probs has a dirty a@@ housee aswell… and her little sister is nothing but an ugly c@nt. she thinks she’s sooo famous LMFAOO ! Give me a break. juss another ugly miley. and her teeth LMFAO! Makes me lol so much. :}

actually i hope her and herr stupid ass fmaily die.

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5 Thoughts to “Q&A: Who else is so tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus scandals?”

  1. Kaily

    I am, I’m sure people can find about 100 high school girls at every school who does the same things as her. She’s a teenager, not a saint, get some better stories.

  2. =o

    I’ve not heard any. Maybe you should get a life and stop reading articles with her name in the title….

  3. CookieMonster09

    She is just doing it for attention

  4. Jenifer Karen

    im pretty sure a lot of that stuff can be related to the pressures put on a teenage girl in the media. im not miley fan, but we’ve all seen what happens to these girls: brittaney spears, lindsay lohan, (demi lovato cutting and eating disorders if you don’t know by now). how about you go and become famous, and see how well you can handle being under the spotlight? if you’re tired of hearing about those scandals, don’t watch shitty TV that only gossips. try watching CNN or National Geographic? instead of only bashing her, how about picturing how your life would be if you were looked upon by millions like her?

  5. Natasha Sprinklebear

    I am sooooo tired of it they should cancel hannah montana

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