Rumour: Miley Cyrus to Cancel Concert in Nebraska Qwest Center

Miley Cyrus Cancels Nebraska Qwest Center ConcertWell, as you can tell from the posts on this website during the last 48 hours, Miley Cyrus is ill, and that isn’t good news for fans in Omaha, where the Miley Cyrus Tour is scheduled for a concert at the Qwest Center, Nebraska this week.

Although there aren’t many details on the situation yet, celebrity gossip website JSYK have published rumours that there will be an important press release issued later this afternoon regarding the upcoming appearance of Miley Cyrus at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

One employee from the Qwest Center told them to: “Keep your eyes and ears open.

Also enforcing the rumours the concert could be cancelled, was Miley’s tweet earlier today saying: “Keep your fingers crossed Omaha. Im not feeling too good this morning.”

We will bring you more news on the situation as soon as the press release is issued.

Update: Miley Cyrus HAS Cancelled her concert at the Qwest Center, Omaha Nebraska due to illness. For more details, click here… Miley Cyrus Cancels Concert.

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