Surveillance Footage Clears Miley Cyrus of Battery Charges

Miley Cyrus didn’t commit any criminal battery while she was clubbing at Hollywood’s Beacher’s Madhouse last weekend and the surveillance footage proves it.

Sources say that even though the video has been sent to the police, the investigation continues as before. Sources say that the police interviewed both Miley and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth separately regarding the incident on Saturday night, where allegedly Miley punched a man in the face.

The victim filed charges against Miley in the morning the next day, claiming that Miley punched him while she was to break up a fight between him and Liam.

According to sources, the former “Hannah Montana” star and Liam both told the detectives that the man started the fight when he bumped into Liam’s chair but both of them insisted that Miley never socked the guy.
So, apparently no charges will be filed against Miley.

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