Take A Tour to Miley Cyrus’ House

Miley Cyrus has released the latest MileyWorld video through her subscription only fan-site, and we are here to give you access to the videos, at no cost what-so-ever.

So what’s happening this week? Well Miley Cyrus takes you on a tour of the house she lives in with her parents in Tennessee. Check it out below…

Miley Cyrus House Tour

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5 Thoughts to “Take A Tour to Miley Cyrus’ House”

  1. leisha

    this was put on youtube AGESS ago

  2. nadia

    coool 🙂
    miley seems so sweet 🙂

  3. heydoiknowu

    i just thinks it`s a crap tour of her house cause it`s too fast 2 see anythin 2 dark 2

  4. ThatSimonsKid

    Miley is a cute girl and bye the way im Diggy simmons from runs whats up

  5. ThatSimonsKid

    Um Thats my aim ladies Talk to me there (: thank you

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