The ‘Noie And Ems Show’ On Tour With Miley Cyrus

Noie and Ems Show with Miley Cyrus TourThe time has come again for the next episode of The Noie & Ems Show.

Being related to Miley Cyrus gives you lots of privileges, and means you get backstage-access, exclusive interviews, personal photos and pretty much anything else you want.

For the second week running, Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves are backstage with Miley Cyrus on the sold-out Wonder World Tour, and managed to get some backstage exclusive interviews with the big star herself.

Both Noah and Emily are super cute, and are very comfortable with asking Miley Cyrus and her band a ton of questions. You also get to see Miley Cyrus practiceFinally Home, a track which we leaked earlier this month.

The Noie & Ems Show on Tour With Miley Cyrus

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