The REAL Reason Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter – For CASH!!!

Miley World UpdatesSo pretty much the entire world now know that Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter three weeks ago, and despite her explanations, in the form of a rap, and also a written email to fans, the subject just wont go away.

In the two explanations from Miley, she basically said she’d like to keep her private life private, which is something she cant do by sharing all details in her life with fans on Twitter.

Today, the REAL reason Miley Cyrus Deleted Twitter is revealed. For CASH!!!

Over 2million fans were following Miley Cyrus on Twitter, so when Miley did the unthinkable thing of deleting her account, how would her fans get their Miley fix? The answer, of course is MileyWorld!

Miley’s official fan site, MileyWorld has been around for many years, but in recent months, subscriptions have declined as fans headed to Twitter to follow their idol, which meant they didn’t have to pay $30 a year to get their Miley news. Since she quit twitter, the site has been gaining more attention, and indeed subscriptions, which brings in more cash for Miley and her management.

MileyWorld offers paying fans exclusive video’s, pictures, news, gossip and regular emails directly from Miley. Fans can also interact with Miley at the website. Of course, all this exclusive content doesn’t come for free. The cost for access to the website is $29.95 oer year.

Seems like a lot of cash for youngsters and their parents, so to tempt mum and dad into paying for access for their children, you get a pre-signed 8×10 photo, a DVD, a personalised membership card, and a personalised letter from Miley Cyrus.

But many fans aren’t happy with paying for exclusive content from their idol. When you take into consideration Miley and her management already earn $100’s of millions per year, it’s sad to see them milking young fans for even more money.

Many other celebrities including Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson don’t charge fans for exclusive content so why should Miley? Since Miley Cyrus quit twitter, her fans feel she’s trying to charge them $29.95 a pop for content from the official fansite. That’s a really nice profit for Miley.

Miley World Payment

What do you think of Miley’s money-grabbing tactics?? Leave us a comment below…

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