Video: Miley Cyrus Is Going to Let Fuzzy The Cat Die

Miley Cyrus - Let Fuzzy DieBeware Miley Cyrus fans; the sexy Hannah Montana star has said she will not be coerced into returning to twitter, at any cost.

Miley Cyrus recently took time out after one of her Wonder World Concerts to speak with Sweet Radio, where they addressed one particularly deranged cat owner, who has threatened to kill, cook and eat her own cat Fuzzy, unless Miley returns to Twitter again.

Miley’s reply? “It’s honestly crazy, but it’s not my cat, so I don’t know what I’m gonna be able to do. I’m not going back to Twitter though, so I don’t know… poor Fuzzy.

Yeah, poor Fuzzy indeed. The fan – who should not be allowed to keep animals – has given Miley until 16th November 2009 to get back onto Twitter, so Fuzzy’s days are quite literally numbered.

Let us know what you think about the threats? Should Miley Cyrus Return to Twitter?

Miley Cyrus – Let Fuzzy Die

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