Viral Video: Jimmy Fallon Spoof of Miley Cyrus’ Twitter Rap

Jimmy Fallon Miley Cyrus SpoofUnless you have been in solitary confinement for the last two weeks, its inevitable you would have heard that Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter.

It’s quite unbelievable how much press and airtime this whole situation has got, managing it into mainstream news sources such as CNN, BBC, NYT and thousands of online gossip blogs. Miley even released a rap which she named Miley Cyrus – Good Bye Twitter, which managed to go viral pretty much immediately, receiving millions of views in less than a week.

Today, there’s another video going viral. And it doesn’t even feature Miley Cyrus or her father, Billy Ray Cyrus directly. Jimmy Fallon, an American Comedian has got together with a few pals to create a spoof of Miley’s Rap Video.

The popular comedian poses as Billy Ray Cyrus, the result is a fairly amusing video with commentary on the whole situation. Check it out below…

Jimmy Fallon – Achy-Breaky Tweets

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