Volcanic Ash !! Affecting The Celebrities

The affects of volcanic ash continues to prevail and now the celebrities are under the direct influence of this natural disaster. Due to which Starlet and Liam Hemsworth can’t be able to make their journey to London and Miley Cyrus will also not be able to sing her last song at UK this week.

Many other big events are also postponed due to this inevitable fact. Salena Gomez was hanged, Coachella was suffered and even Iron Man2 premier could be in danger to be delayed.

The questions which are arising on the status of superhero subsequence are still unanswered. Due to which the officials are having a close look at the situation and definitely doing their best to make the schedule intact.

The excursions which would be taken for the film and for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood are also postponed up till next week. Also there is change in plan for the travelling of media officials as they are instructed to travel overseas now. Uncertainty is all over and nothing certain about these plans these days.

Gomez is still hanging in Europe. Also Usher and Adam Lambert were unable to go for promotions of their upcoming albums.

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