Watch Miley Cyrus Run Off Stage Mid-Song in Utah

Miley Cyrus Tour Pictures, Arizona 2009Earlier today we posted news how Miley Cyrus walked off stage in the middle of performing 7 Things at the EnergySolutions Arena, Utah while on the Miley Cyrus Tour.

Below you can watch a video, and see how Miley Cyrus Runs Off Stage, leaving her backup singers to complete the rest of the song, to the surprise of the live band and audience.

Miley Cyrus Runs Off Stage on Miley Cyrus Tour in Utah

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4 Thoughts to “Watch Miley Cyrus Run Off Stage Mid-Song in Utah”

  1. McCall

    omg!! i saw that, she got to the first chorus in 7 things, and then she bolted off the stage!!! we waited like 15 minutes and then they reset the stage and she came back out, but she took quite a few of really long breaks.
    WE <3 U!!!

  2. McCall

    U KNOW, u guys need to tell us that she had the flu, i mean if she just ran off stage, that would be jerky and really diva-ish
    i mean she practially puked on stage! poor mily=(

  3. MILEY #1 FAN

    poor miley sorta know how it feels so it might happen to any other singer who knows

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