What are your opinions of the new Miley Cyrus music video?

Question by Jesus Is My Lord: What are your opinions of the new Miley Cyrus music video?
My family and I saw Miley Cyrus on the news last night. They were talking about her new music video. A lot of people are very angry with the music video AND the song because they think she is setting a terrible example for so many young girls.
In my opinion, the music video was very trashy. I don’t like how she is saying that the music video is, “mature”. Just because your growing up, doesn’t mean you have to do trashy things.

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Answer by KarlitoZ
So don’t watch it. End of Story.

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16 Thoughts to “What are your opinions of the new Miley Cyrus music video?”

  1. dlidstrom

    Setting a bad example for young girls..

    Have you seen young girls lately?

    The example has already been set, long ago.

    Don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  2. September Fall

    i h8 miley she thinks she can sing…but she can’t. you should’ve seen her live preforming party in the usa…….. she is horrible

  3. shygurl26

    haven’t seen the music video

  4. caye

    I saw it on E! and afterwards they interviewed her behind the reasoning of the movie. She kept saying the premise wasn’t anything sexual…but if you look at it, it’s nothing but grinding and even her clothing is revealing. She’s trying too hard to break away from the Disney thing…same thing goes for that Cheeta girl-Kiely Williams, hers is far worse than Miley’s.

  5. Regina

    I think
    She’s getting money and we
    We are wasting our time talking about her

  6. Colin defender of the rock faith

    well that outfit will earn her a spot on mr.blackwell’s worst dressed list for sure!

    i don’t know who the bigger nut job was:

    the guy who designed the outfit


    miley for wearing it!

    no offense to any miley fans but i think there were some hallucinogenic substances being used,whether it was the fact that the guy who designed the outfit was high at the time or miley was on something when she agreed to wear it,i don’t know.all i do know is no sane and rational person would wear it!

  7. lilmonaa

    ITS DISGUSTING! She’s only doing this to showoff.(Whats there to showoff) She’s a horrible role model. First of all, if she’s going to do these slutty things then don’t say you’re a role model. I feel bad for the little kids.

  8. Brittany

    The music video is mature, it’s only trashy if you look at it with that type of attitude. Instead of watching every little “trashy” thing she does, concentrate on the concept, and give her a break. I’m definitely not her biggest fan, I think shes going to go in the same direction as other Disney stars have in the past. But I do feel bad for her because shes at an age where she has to decide what she wants to do. Should she break away from her younger audience and be more edgy, or should she stay with the younger audience and constantly catch crap for every little thing she does thats not good for her “young” fans? In the end we’re all human, we all have to grow up sometime, and in my opinion, it’s about time. She can’t stay a Disney star forever. I don’t think the music video itself is that bad, compare it to a music video like Lady Gaga’s. She can’t be innocent and edgy both at the same time, which is why she put out a music video like this. If she wants to be viewed as more mature, this is the way to do it. With that said, she will probably be losing some of her younger fans, and possibly gaining older ones. If people with young children don’t think shes a good role model, the keep their child away from what she produces; it’s not that hard. But seriously, did people not see this coming?

  9. iloveyou.

    ….she is setting a terrible example for so many young girls.

    Have you seen any young girls lately?!
    They already look worse than sluts. (i’m 14 btw, ALMOST EVERYBODY my age looks like that kay? (excluding me though :P)
    the trend has been set so many years ago.

    don’t like it? don’t watch it!
    its as simple as that.

  10. ChiTown eXclusive

    i love it, it is very hot, she isn’t 12 she is 17 and can do whatever she wants to do

  11. Sara H

    Im a huge fan of miley and i don’t understand why everyone hates miley. she hasn’t done anything to ruin your life so why r u ripping on her. I don’t like selena gomez but i dont go round calling her a slut 🙁
    I liked the video and the song is really catchy, the only reason everyone is saying it’s racy and slutty is because its the media’s job to stur up stories to keep things interesting. Don’t pay attention to those parasites in the media >:( the iz EVIL i tellz ya!! lol

    Im 17 and you can ask anyone that normal 17 yr olds dance like this and sometime dress like this
    lol so 😛 stop blowing things out of proportion…

  12. star_dot_lewis

    i think the video is great. it’s very catchy and a big step up from hannah montana. and come on she’s 17 nearly 18. she’s trying to leave her younger fans and start going onto older fans.

  13. b-ball19

    i think it is a good video yet it is not as random as Lady GaGa’s. It is about time she does something new, she has been on Hannah Montana since the age of 13 so it is time for her to move away. She is trying to escape the DIsney girl. She understands that she has girls who are in love with her but she is trying to get a new audience and also the damage has already been done to the little children by Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and whenever they turn on MTV. It is not like Disney Channel will be showing it so I don’t see any problem with this video. She is just expressing herself and trying a new look so there is no need to complain. She is not the only one who is doing “trashy” things look at the latest video’s by Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Beyonce so she is just doing what everything who is popular is doing and there is nothing wrong with that if everyone else is doing it.

  14. River

    being a musician is not about being a good role model, its about expressing yourself. and if she wants to embarrasss herself while doing it then fine for her. but we have become so superficial and actually look up to celebrities

  15. mermaid2334

    I think the video was hot. I see alot of haters on here obviously, but she’s not a 12 year old anymore and that’s what every ones use to. She’s going places with her life and career and this is her next move it seems more people are mad to see people go place’s then do nothing with their lives. If it was you or your daughter you wouldn’t be hating or talking all that trash about it. I respect what she’s doing knowing alot of people are gonna talk but she’s not gonna stop living her life the way she wants to satisfy everyone else. When you live your life according to the way people want you to they find something to talk about, when you do what ever you want they still find something to talk about, might as well live it the way you want!

  16. disneyfan16

    I think it stupid. she is going to lose a lot of fans cause most of her young fan’s parents won’t let them listen to her music or watch the show after seeing this. she is trying to be “mature” and have a new image but she is only 17

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