What do you guys think about the Miley Cyrus scandal?

Question by Blondie: What do you guys think about the Miley Cyrus scandal?
She posed with some friends making “Asian eyes” and alot of Asian people are upset.

I saw the pic and frankly I think that they wer all high and drunk and wanted to hide it so they made “Asian eyes”. I don’t think that their intent was to offend anyone.

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Miley Cyrus is sad

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11 Thoughts to “What do you guys think about the Miley Cyrus scandal?”

  1. john

    She’s a spoiled little whore

  2. Kula21

    evidently she is once again showing off her lovely immaturity! Anyone who makes “asian eyes”, being someone in the spotlight, you are going to get caught. Lets see what excuse she comes up with, “umm ehhh I did it because the light was too bright, so by doing that it let in less light?”

  3. chris hawkins

    That was rude and she is no role model

  4. Maria Arg!!

    well i dont like her at all…i hope she gets in much trouble as ever!

  5. molly

    well, im as old as miley and i know that me and my friends fake faces all the time when we take pixs. and like there is the asian kid i hang out with and we always try to look asin when we take pixs with him

  6. lOVElY LADiE

    shes immature
    shes a spoiled brat
    and top of that shes a slut

  7. Priya

    She was with her friends, among whom there was an Asian guy and they were having fun. Honestly, I think she is immature and didn’t really mean to mock Asians. Perhaps they were doing it because they were posing with an Asian guy.

  8. snake eyes

    its absoutely ridiculous and ppl need to find better things to worry about. its pathetic that those pics are newsworthy.

  9. duhmakk

    i think
    shes is immature
    but i think nothing of it…

    all scandalous pictures Ive seen of her lately
    doesn’t surprise me..that she would do something stupid like this
    why would anyone even do that…

    and to the the people who are saying…we should not care about celebrities and its not even news …
    we cant stop that….

    so just look the other way..like i do

  10. iamaprincessindie


    a) shes supposed to be opposed to drugs and alcohol and all that
    b) she did do it to be racist i mean come on what they all accidently made slit eyes? no way
    c) shes keeps making mistakes and if she doesnt stop then no one will like her anymore
    d) oh ye shes a stupid spoiled whore!!

  11. dahgutone

    Look, If they wanted to make such a photo that other people will find offensive. DON’T TAKE THE PHOTO. The idiotic actions Miley Cyrus does is bad for her career. She has multiple photos out into the public that people do find offensive, and she couldn’t even think twice on the “Slanted Eyes” photo? Her career, is her screw up. Just let it be, I and most people are getting sick of her apologies.

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