Video From Miley Cyrus: ‘WHY I Deleted My Twitter Account’

Miley Cyrus Deletes TwitterIts now been 48 hours since Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter. There have been hundreds of thousands of people asking why, and even her own father, Billy Ray Cyrus has asked her to return to Twitter.

Until now, there has been no official word from Miley Cyrus, or her team. Now, Miley responds to all the questions asking why she quit twitter. Not in a letter, not in an interview, IN A RAP!!

In a video she posted on YouTube called ‘Good Bye Twittiler‘, she Raps and dances, explaining why she quit twitter, insisting it ISNT because of Liam Hemsworth friends pressured her, saying she now wants her privacy!

Checkout Miley’s video below.

Miley Cyrus Raps About Why She Quit Twitter

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2 Thoughts to “Video From Miley Cyrus: ‘WHY I Deleted My Twitter Account’”

  1. Ryan

    Even though i’m gutted bout her leaving twitter, i can totally understand where she’s coming from on this. So long Miley… x

  2. robert c

    hi miss montaner look we all now y need privacy!
    and the fact f the matter is that Liam Hemsworth friends pressured y in to quiting twitter
    they are not real friends the fans are dont y get it
    friends dont do that to y

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