Will Miley Cyrus Get Pregnant in 2010?

There is a possibility that Miley Cyrus might get pregnant by end of 2010 according to the prediction of a famous celebrity psychic Barb Powell. Barb made several predictions about some of the Hollywood starts including Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and many more about their personal life.

Recent prediction he made about Sandra Bullock might go for a divorce and get involved with serious relations with her loving man.

So, what do you think about Miley? Let’s make a vote about Barbe’s prediction.

Check back this site for the result.

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12 Thoughts to “Will Miley Cyrus Get Pregnant in 2010?”

  1. Valleri Mathias

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  2. Anglic Butterfly

    Nah, she’s to busy doing movies and her record , and of all premoting her album;) afterwards

  3. eboni

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  10. eboni

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  11. eboni

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